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Art meets Frame


Unser erstes gemeinsames Werk geht in den Verkauf. Bild auf Keilrahmen 60 x 75 cm Mixed Media Patrycia Jönsson Schattenfugenrahmen HOLZECKIG.

Preis 4000 SEK (Anfragen über

PatryCia Jönsson

PatryCia Jönsson´s journey as an artist began in 2020 at the age of 42. In 2019 she decided to start all over again. She left her old life behind and emigrates with her children from Germany to the land of her dreams - Sweden, to build a new future with the love of her life there. There she began to engage in Art and started to paint. Meanwhile she is a student at the renowned Milan Art Institute (Georgia/USA). She is expected to gratitude in September 2022. "What you see in my paintings is the expression of my heart, strength and my feelings in harmony. Life and my experiences, encounters with people and their stories fill me with inspiration. It´s a wonderful feeling when my art touches your soul."

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